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Give a book to the one you love.


The books I’ve written for both adults and children have one thing in common: humor. Whether it’s light verse that finds the humor in everyday living or playful nursery rhymes, the basic experience for the reader of all ages is pure enjoyment.


Books make a wonderful gift for the people we care about.  Unlike tangible items with a shelf life, their ability to become a staple provides an opportunity to share them with friends and family.


I’m often told that my poetry and essays has brightened someone’s day. If you wish to make someone smile, order the perfect present for any occasion.


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Books for all ages



Animal Quackers reaches into the heart of a child’s imagination. This collection of humorous poems is sure to delight both young and old. Her whimsical verses will elicit chuckles as one reads:


  “Have you heard about the crocodile

   Who likes to show his toothy smile?

   I hear that when he travels South

          He carries extra toothpaste for his mouth.”


All of Marlene’s poems contain the three most important ingredients to hold a child’s interest: rhythm, rhyme, and repetition.  Children also delight in word play, which is fully evident in the playful words sprinkled in her poetry.


It has been said that today’s early reader is tomorrow’s avid lover of poetry.  The next time you need a gift for a special child, buy a copy of this adorable book.  I guarantee your young friend will be happy to receive such a thoughtful present.  


. . .Some of the author's happiest readers

These are the second grade students at Milagro Center in Delray Beach, Florida, after Marlene conducted a writer's workshop that helped them to write two children's puppet shows.

Marlene's latest project with a poem written by one of the teens

Past, Present, and Future

There is no age limit for creativity